Tagging kdesupport projects

Jos van den Oever jvdoever at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 10:54:06 BST 2008

2008/8/29 Allen Winter <winter at kde.org>:
> Basically, I'd like the code in kdesupport to start behaving like real software projects.
> just like any other.  with real releases and  real announcements, etc.
> At some point you need to make a Soprano release, tag it, release it into the wild.
> So.. it would be nice if you could tag a stable Soprano and then announce it
> to kde-core-devel and kde-packagers.  And tell us where in KDE it can be used.
> For example:
> Soprano X.Y is now available.  You can find it in tags/whereever
> Please use this version from now on in KDE trunk.
> The KDE branch should continue using Soprano X-1.
> Then, you can go on happily developing in kdesupport.  We will change
> our build scripts to use the version in tags.

Strigi has latest release 0.5.11. This is suitable for KDE <= 4.1. For
trunk you need strigi trunk in kdesupport. There will be a 0.6.0
before KDE 4.2.

Will that do?


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