Maintainership KFileWidget and KDirOperator

Peter Penz peter.penz at
Fri Aug 29 19:02:46 BST 2008


since KDE 4.1.0 (and also shortly before) some regressions have been 
introduced into KFileWidget:

- Entering a file (e. g. "hello.txt") and pressing RETURN inside the 
"Location:" field does not work anymore (the file dialog just stays open and 
nothing happens).

- Entering a directory and pressing RETURN inside the "Location:" field leads 
to a crash.

- Selecting a single file with the mouse immediately closes the dialog and 
opens the file (in KDE 3.x and in KDE 4.0 an additional click on the "OK" 
button was necessary). I'm not sure whether this can be called regression or 
whether it is a usability improvement, but at least it is a change of behavior 
and seems to have side-effects.

- The default size of the preview pane is very huge in KDE 4.1.

The reason why those regressions could be introduced since KDE 4.0 without big 
notice is that there seems to be no active maintainer for those classes. 
Although the issues sound straight forward to fix, they aren't and it takes 
quite a lot of time to get an overview about KFileWidget + KDirOperator (=  
2488 + 2255 lines of code).

Although I initially did the port of KFileWidget and KDirOperator from KDE 3.x 
to KDE 4.0, I cannot take care about testing and checking each single commit 
related to KFileWidget and KDirOperator (I've only around 5 hours per week 
development time available and this time is already more than needed for 
maintaining Dolphin).

During the last 2 months around 7 people committed changes to KFileWidget 
and/or KDirOperator. Would there be a brave volunteer who could take over the 
task of maintaining those 2 classes?

Thanks and best regards,

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