Re-Assign shortcuts broken?

Michael Jansen kde at
Thu Aug 28 21:05:54 BST 2008

On Thursday 28 August 2008 21:42:15 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Hi,
> before I file a bugreport: Is anybody aware of a problem with
> re-assigning shortcuts in the shortcuts editor? That is I have two
> actions, one has a normal shortcut set (as default) and another doesn't
> have a default shortcut. Now I assign a shortcut to the second action
> and use the same as the first action already has. KShortcutEditor comes
> up with an error message that there's a conflict and allows me to cancel
> or re-assign. But after choosing Re-Assign I see the two actions having
> the same shortcut :(  And this also gets stored into the xmlgui-file,
> i.e. only one line with the new shortcut and no line that sets the
> shortcut of the first action to "".
> Andreas

No. I didn't know it. Thanks to bringing this to my attention. I'm now on it.

Michael Jansen

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