[PATCH] Allow application to use a website for documentation.

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sat Aug 23 22:19:55 BST 2008

On Thursday 21 August 2008, Tom Albers wrote:
> Hi,
> As I see a trend that wiki's become more popular. An application
> developer might decide that he wants the documentation of his
> application in a wiki instead of a docbook. it might be a good idea
> to provide some support for that possibility in kdelibs.
> Attached is a - straightforward - patch that makes it possible to
> call setDocumentationAddress( website ) on the KAboutData object. If
> the help function in the menu is used, not the KHelpCenter will
> launch, but the default browser with that website.
> I ask permission to commit in trunk and branch, please review, I'm
> not used to work in kdelibs.

Shouldn't this be discussed on kde-doc-english? I'm not talking about 
the patch, but the actual concept (i.e. replacing offline docbook 
documentation with a online wiki documentation). As Krzysztof already 
pointed out there are serious drawbacks with regard to translation. 
There are surely other drawbacks the documentation experts will point 
out if you ask them about this idea.

So please first discuss this with the documentation and translation 
teams before you commit such a radical change.

FWIW, IMO this change must not be committed before a way to provide 
offline documentation has been implemented. It's a common misconception 
among geeks that everybody has fast Internet access (because being 
geeks most geeks have fast Internet access).

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