[FIX] Toolbars well positioned

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Fri Aug 22 18:04:52 BST 2008

Hi all,

I am really happy to announce a total fix of the toolbar positioning. After 
having committed the way toolbars are saved in KDE (using the save/restore Qt 
system for mainwindows), I was told by Maksim about the existence of this bug:


OK. I could reproduce it, and it seemed the problem was of the kind:

Toolbar A | Toolbar B

- Icons bigger than 22x22. When restarting the app you were getting:

	1st restart: Toolbar A       | Toolbar B
	2nd restart: Toolbar A             | Toolbar B

- Same when you set only text, text alongside icons, or text under icons.

- With 22x22 and only icons everything worked smoothly.

After having worked with KDE sources and having reread absolutely everything 
more than 4 times I couldnt find where the heck the bug was. It wasn't in KDE.

Now, I went to qt-copy, and generated a patch (fast) which is probably wrong 
(as a fix directly), because it doesn't take in count if there is not enough 
space for the toolbar.

What I wanted to demonstrate with this patch is that all toolbars positioning 
problems are fixed. So the logic that is used on Qt for calculating the 
starting point of a toolbar is wrong. Here, what I do is to simplify to the 
extreme the beginning of the toolbar. This gives really interesting results. 
Everything works perfectly.

I am also sending this to qt-bugs, but I am sorry I have tried to create a Qt 
standalone app to reproduce this problem and I haven't succeeded.

However, now that I found the logic of Qt on toolbars seems to be the 
"culprit", I will go further on this issue and will try to provide a patch to 
Trolltech with a real fix, that can be directly applied on their repository.

After all this talk (and almost going to cry because of the finding :P), here 
is the patch:


Rafael Fernández López.
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