Qt SVG renderer

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Wed Aug 6 14:23:57 BST 2008


> Well, KSVG is one-two orders of magnitudes slower than QSvg at drawing
> svg files.
> I'm not sure for KSVG2 or Webkit, but I suppose scriptability, DOM
> support and feature support will keep it slower than QSvg.

Actually, is something you can expect. They are implementations of different 
specs, one is fair more complex than the other... so...

However, always that we say "one-two order of magnitudes slower", I'd really 
love to see numbers.

> Also, it is not clear to me what exactly do we want from our SVG
> renderer: if the need is to generate pixmaps once in a while, effects
> like blur may be feasable, otherwise we would need to restrict
> ourselves to easily hardware accelerated features. You do not want to
> use blur if you need to apply to a 1000x1000 area that has to be
> updated a tens of times a second (like while zooming/scaling an
> image), unless it is hardware accelerated... I think Xrender will be
> useless for this; maybe you could do that on an OpenGL-backed
> widget...
> But you would need a good driver and a recent card for that to work.

If we have a valid svg renderer, we could do some fancy stuff. This means: 
some time ago I developed a new feature for the style kcm for the "animations 
thing". You can enable/disable animations (currently this is hidden by 
default, since I didn't finish it correctly, and the levels that the user 
could choose from a combo were pretty technical, so we had to think about it).

With a correct svg renderer that could take this in count, it could even 
render icons based on this value. That means, if the user selected "Very 
simple" environment, it would gain cpu cycles by for instance, skipping 
special (and certain) filters, such as blur, for example.

This last idea is more something crack-smoking than a real suggestion of 
implementation, actually...

Rafael Fernández López.
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