Qt SVG renderer

Luciano Montanaro mikelima at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 14:14:11 BST 2008

Well, KSVG is one-two orders of magnitudes slower than QSvg at drawing
svg files.
I'm not sure for KSVG2 or Webkit, but I suppose scriptability, DOM
support and feature support will keep it slower than QSvg.

Also, it is not clear to me what exactly do we want from our SVG
renderer: if the need is to generate pixmaps once in a while, effects
like blur may be feasable, otherwise we would need to restrict
ourselves to easily hardware accelerated features. You do not want to
use blur if you need to apply to a 1000x1000 area that has to be
updated a tens of times a second (like while zooming/scaling an
image), unless it is hardware accelerated... I think Xrender will be
useless for this; maybe you could do that on an OpenGL-backed
But you would need a good driver and a recent card for that to work.

Luciano Montanaro

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