[Plasma/Krunner] multiple actions targets

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Tue Aug 5 15:52:37 BST 2008

On Monday 04 August 2008, Adrien BUSTANY wrote:
> first off all, I apologize if I'm not posting to the right list, I'm not
> sure if this thread should go to kde-devel.

plasma-devel at kde.org (moving this discussion there)

> Krunner currently allows a krunner plugin to specify multiple actions
> for a single result.

correct; it's supported in the runners, but not current used in the UI.

> If I understood correctly, the runner has to
> provide its own widget to present the different actions.

right now that would be the only mechanism, but it's not what is intended long 

> I'm suggesting a more "integrated" way to have multiple actions, a bit
> like what's done with quicksilver on Mac OS X, or Gnome-Do : if the
> runner specifies that there are several actions for a QueryMatch, then
> we keep the krunner window open, and display the actions in that window.

right; that's been the intention all along.

> We might for that display bigger items than the default small squares,
> but that's a detail.

there are a couple mockups that Ruphy/Nuno/David came up with that show 
results in a few forms.

> The the run method of the runner would be called
> with the QueryMatch as a parameter, plus a QueryAction, or something
> like that.

the selected action should be added to the QueryMatch passed in imho. this 
will avoid breaking the API and keep it simple enough.

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