[Plasma/Krunner] multiple actions targets

Adrien BUSTANY madcat at mymadcat.com
Mon Aug 4 17:26:41 BST 2008

first off all, I apologize if I'm not posting to the right list, I'm not 
sure if this thread should go to kde-devel.

Krunner currently allows a krunner plugin to specify multiple actions 
for a single result. If I understood correctly, the runner has to 
provide its own widget to present the different actions.
I'm suggesting a more "integrated" way to have multiple actions, a bit 
like what's done with quicksilver on Mac OS X, or Gnome-Do : if the 
runner specifies that there are several actions for a QueryMatch, then 
we keep the krunner window open, and display the actions in that window. 
We might for that display bigger items than the default small squares, 
but that's a detail. The the run method of the runner would be called 
with the QueryMatch as a parameter, plus a QueryAction, or something 
like that.

I'd like to have opinions on that, before beginning to write a patch.

Best regards
Adrien Bustany

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