drkonqi and backtrace analysis

Teemu Rytilahti tpr at d5k.net
Mon Aug 4 15:24:51 BST 2008

John Tapsell kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika Monday 04 August 2008):


> Ah, well then we should have one.  It can be a script that looks to
> see what distro it is on, and call the appropriate command for that
> distro.  Just check for /etc/debian_version or /etc/redhat_version
> etc.  It's fairly reliable, and distros can always override it anyway.

I agree that there could be some kind of default script to do the job, or at 
least point out the user where to look at. The same script could be used as a 
note to the packagers to modify the script accordingly.

Anyways, if someone is up to making one, please use lsb_release (for example 
lsb_release -i will return the distro) instead of trying to use /etc/debian* 
or /etc/redhat* or anything else distribution specific. Nowadays distributions 
are LSB compliant and if they aren't, I don't think those should be separately 

Best Regards,
Teemu Rytilahti

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