CMake 2.6.1 available for download

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman-5opLkZggLXlBDgjK7y7TUQ at
Fri Aug 1 18:12:03 BST 2008

On behalf of myself, Ken, Brad, Dave, Alex and the rest of the
CMake team, we are pleased to announce that CMake 2.6.1 is
available for download at:

If you have any problems or find any bugs, please report them at
A list of changes for the 2.6 release tree is included below.

Thanks Bill

Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 16
- Fix for bug 7427, preinstall target name hard coded
- Fix issue #7088 - do not emit error messages when attempts to run
   Visual Studio macros fail. You can still get the error output
   as messages if you want using --debug-output from the cmake command line.
- Fix InstallRequiredSystemLibraries.cmake to work with win64

Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 15
- Fix bug 7426 FindJPEG module causes error when setting JPEG_LIBRARY to 
- Fix bug 7414 PackageMaker generator crashes when given components
   with circular dependencies
- Fix source files to not add extra /, and look for extensions for
   all enabled languages.
- Change link line to preserve input given to target_link_libraries even
   if a shared library is repeated.
- Fix for bug 7421, fortran did not get arch flags on the mac
- For CMP0008 do not depend on the files that are not there, which
   makes the Xcode generator delete executables after they are built.
- Work around Boost 1.36.0 bug fix on Darwin by setting the mangled
   compiler name to -xgccVERSION
- Updated FindImageMagick to:
   - Find newer additions such as animate, compare, etc.
   - Find development api: Magick++, MagickCore, MagickWand
   - Use FindPackageHandleStandardArgs to output standard messages.

Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 14
- Change dashboard submission to go directly to CDash.
- Add policy CMP0008- Full-path libraries must be a valid library file name

Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 12
- More find locations for FindJNI.
- Fix bug with source files ending in .l and .l.cpp, causing cmake
   to think they were the same file in some cases.
- Fix issue with .lib being seen as .obj with VS due to a full path
   to a library given without the file extension.  This only worked
   with the VS generator, but some projects had worked around it with
   if statements. It now issues a warning, but should link.
- Update cpack stuff for beta OSX bundle generator for CPack
- CheckFortranFunctionExists.cmake now calls the function.
-  FindBLAS.cmake, FindLAPACK.cmake modules were redesigned so
    now you have three new variables BLA_VENDOR (you can specify the 
    BLA_STATIC (gets the static version of libs), BLA_F95
    (gets the fortran 95 interface). BLA_VENDOR can be specified as
     an environment variable. Intel mkls libs need FindThreads to
     be found correctly so you will need to enable the C/CXX
- FindMPI: Use the HINTS feature of find_library to find the right
   libraries for MPI, and act a bit more intelligently when MPI cannot 
be found.
- Improved support for finding wxWidgets in MinGW environment.
   moved CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING from "Variables that modify behaviour" to
   "variables that Provide Information"
- handle HTML documentation for single items better: no warning about
   ComputeSectionLinkPrefix, don't create an index for only one item.
- Better error messages in CPackBundleGenerator

Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 11
- Fix curl build issue with Xcode 3.1
Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 10
- Add a fix for bug # 7340, CMAKE_USER_MAKE_RULES_OVERRIDE was
   not able to support a try-compile in cmake 2.6
- Remove bad test for bug  # 7316
Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 9
- Fix bug # 7316 Xcode double escaped define strings
- FindBoost can now find the upcoming Boost 1.36
Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 8
- Fix build problem with missing cpack file

Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 7
- More fixes for CPack components functionality
- Fixes for Xcode generater #7277 #7044, do not compile foo.txt.
   Rebuild application bundles when a library changes. Set the project
   location for Xcode 3.1
- Do not automatically add EXECUTABLE_OUTPUT_PATH to cache.
- New tree view in cmake-gui
- FindBoost.cmake, find boost as installed by the BoostPro/Boost Consulting
   installers on Windows. And cleanup FindBoost module, fixing several 
   bugs and providing better diagnostic information when things go wrong.
- Fix FindwxWidgets.cmake to find richtext library
- Fix FindQt4.cmake with empty qconfig.pri files.  Fixes #7287.
- Fix add/remove program version string again...
- Fix column width in cmake-gui

Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 6
- Fix DEFINITIONS property to be compatible with 2.4
- Fix escaping of $ for visual studio
- FindGettext.cmake  fix bug #7230: don't ignore first parameter if it's 
not ALL
Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 5
- Add support for component based packages in cpack.
- Fix FindBLAS.cmake if no fortran compiler is found
- Fix FindFLTK.cmake to pass new module test
- Fix FindKDE3.cmake to not add flags if kde3 is not found
- Fix FindMatlab.cmake, FindOpenSSL.cmake, FindQt3.cmake,
   FindSWIG.cmake, to only error if it is required
- Fix FindwxWidgets.cmake to work on msys
- Add a beta OSX bundle generator for CPack
- Fix bug in cmake --build-and-test where cmake output was lost
- Fix ctest handling of CDash dart measurement support
- Add a group view to cmake-gui
- Fix nmake/make with visual studio compiler to handle long link lines
- Fix FLTK_WRAP_UI to better notice when mistakes are made with the 
target name
- Fix spelling error EnableFiberSafeOptimizations

Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 4
- Change to find_*, a new HINTS keyword was added to avoid the
   need for NO_DEFAULT_PATH, and a repeated call to find_*
- Update all NO_DEFAULT_PATH usage in Modules/Find*
- Fix for cpack self extracting .sh files to work with more shells
- FindQt4 now finds dependencies for some qt modules
- ctest cpu information fixes for cygwin and linux
- Recognize more color terminals for color output
- Remove SKIP_RULE_DEPENDS from custom command because CMake
   now can detect when a cutom command actually changes and only
   re-run the rule then.  This fixes the problem of custom commands
   re-running every time a file is added to a target.
- Fix for very slow find_path on OSX because of framework searchs
- Fix for bug 6364, extra help targets when there are subdirectories
   of the top level.
- Fix for Xcode generator to not eat some flags by mistake.
- Add end of file checking for close if, foreach, macro, functions
   etc enabled.

Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 3
- FindQt4 - Find qt debug libraries on windows with d postfix.
- Find 64 bit windows registry stuff with 32 bit cmake
- Give a message if rpath is changed during install
- rpath changer during install understands symlinks now
- If a source file is not found and is a full path cmake complains.

Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 2

- FindQt4 - report an error when trying to use MSVC with Qt built by mingw.
- FindQt4 - make Qt not found if the QtCore library can't be found.
- UseQt4 - only add flags for modles that are used
- Log file and LC_ALL fix for FindSubversion
- Make a configured file again
- Fix makefile generator targets to depend on full path link libraries
- Allow CMakeImportBuildSettings to not match tools if
- Fix incorrect extension extraction in gcc cross compiler check
- Add support for Portand Fortran
- Fix list command with empty list values
- Add support for setting compiler and toolchain in qt cmake-gui
- Fix Bug 7011, FindQt4 was slow on a mac, find_path should not glob in /
- Fix install directories for cygwin package of CMake

Changes in CMake 2.6.1 RC 1
- Add a way to modify depend scanning with the property:
- Add a way for custom commands to skip depending on the rule.make file
- Fix gcov in ctest in French or other non-English runs
- Fix help for ctest commands to be lower case
- Find QtCLucene on Qt/Mac binary
- Fix for build on ARM
- Fix for docbook to add newlines
- Fix -Wno-dev to not eat path to source tree
- Fix bug in NSIS CPack where CPACK_NSIS_MODIFY_PATH did modify the path
- Fix FindBoost version variable names to correct bug in Boost version
- Fix Add/Remove program name for CMake install on windows
- Fix bug 0006988 coverage not reported on dashboards
- Fix bug 0006990 CMake crashes with bad input to 
- Fix bug in FindCurses where you could not run cmake twice
- Fix 64 bit cmake creation of Xcode projects
- Add --help-policy to --help

Changes in CMake 2.6.0
- Fix links in generated documentation
- Fix for FindQt and some mac frameworks
- Fix for ctest to report more than 2 gigs system memory on windows
- Fix CTest build name for vs 9, and fix memory size on windows
Changes in CMake 2.6.0 RC 10
- Do not duplicate .so libraries on the link line
- Add more system library paths to sun builds
- Add BETA support for Intel Fortran IDE files in visual studio
- Fix FindCurses to work if ncurses is the only option
- Fix shell escapes on some systems
- Remove check for file write as input to cmake, as it is no longer needed
- Make check_type_size automatically check for headers that it uses
- Remove minimum required from FindBoost.cmake
- Fix FindSDL so that it can be run more than once
- Fix find required for VTK package
- Allow for CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT to work with single architecture
- Add context information when a source file cannot be found.
- Report the directory-level context even if no list file
   is currently being processed.

Changes in CMake 2.6.0 RC 9

- Fix for fortran mod:: support
- Fix bug in install command with BUNDLE DESTINATION
- Make mac install symlinks check for errors
- Fix for CMP0007, to not warn about empty lists
- Preserve static libraries when linked multiple times
- Use c compiler path to find asm compiler
- Allow RC compiler to not get all COMPILE_FLAGS
- Complete overhaul for FindBoost.cmake
- Minor fixes for FindMPI.cmake
- Fix for list command and empty list elements CMP0007
- Fix for VS6 and sub-groups
- Fix bug 6440, and make sure _INIT flags do not overright cache values
- Do not report CMP0003 for anything other than -l
- Fix crash in fortran depend scanning, bug 6855
- Fix timeout values for cmake's own tests
- Better message in compiler ABI detect
- Fixes for cpack x11 packages on leopard
- Changes to cpack options names
- Fixes for FindMPI on 64 bit MS MPI
- Fix for -isystem for wxWidgets
- Some fixes for chrpath during installation
- Fix compatibility with CMake 2.4 for installation of MACOSX_BUNDLE 
- Do not use debug postfix when building frameworks on the Mac
- Fix exception handling off/on issue with visual studio IDE generators
- Fix <OBJECT_DIR> to be native path style
- Fix leak in cpack
- Some Qt GUI style changes

Changes in CMake 2.6.0 RC 8

- Fix sun make very poor performance
- Fix includes for automoc in FindQt4

Changes in CMake 2.6.0 RC 7

- Fix for chrpath on sun with gcc
- Fix FindJNI on unix with HKEY issue bug 6688
- Change install location on mac for cmake-gui
- Fix for bugs 6730 and 6720 in FindQt4 configured headers in binary dir
- Add VS9 support to InstallRequiredSystemLibraries.cmake
- Fix some bugs in framework support
- Have make edit_cache work with cmake-gui and eclipse generator
- Fix find_* to not mistakenly construct network paths on windows
- Several bug fixes in cmake-gui Qt program.

Changes in CMake 2.6.0 RC 6

- Added ChangeLog.manual
- Allow CMakeImportBuildSettings force compiler to be optional
- Change cpack deb packager to detect the architecture
- Fix FindCurses to be backwards compatible with cache variable 
- Add version variables to FindQt4.cmake
- Fix CPack Deb generator to not hard code /usr
- Better default size for cmake-gui help dialog
- Fix problem where incorrect path was used for cmake.exe when
   used to do incremental linking on windows nmake or make
- Fix build with system libraries on
- Add color output in kdevelop
- Create non-verbose makefiles in kdevelop
- Fix some missing flags for vs IDE flag map
- Fix MacOSX install symlink crash problem
- Fix turning of Dev warnings with gui's
- Fix backwards compatibility issue with FindMPI.cmake
- Fix for bug 6605, add -L path for optimized in debug sometimes for
   backwards compatibility
- Allow for CMP0000 to be set before any warnings happen
- Do not use FAT32 hack in VS 2005 and 2008 unless on a FAT32 disk,
   causes try-compiles to be 3 times slower if FAT hack is present.
- Fixes to debian cpack
- Can now check if a proprty is SET or not
- Fix for generate with vs 2005 and vista not being able to create stamp 
- set_property with an empty value unsets that property now
- Fix FindQt4 on windows with some \ style paths

Changes in CMake 2.6.0

- Documentation for all variables
- Automatic reload of projects in visual stuido 7 and greater
   when cmake is re-run.
- Direct CDash submit support
- Bullseye coverage support
- Use full paths for linking to libraries on all platforms. No longer
   separate into -L and -l.
- Enhance the install command
- export command and ability to have imported targets
- CPack support for rpm and deb
- Cross compile support
- New Qt GUI
- Introduction of the cmake_policy command
- Much better Fortran support
- Mac OSX Framework creation support
- Project generators for Eclipse and CodeBlocks
- Beta support for asm in makefiles
- Enhanced find_package() command with support for project-installed
   FooConfig.cmake files
- New CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH environment variable to specify user search dirs
   for find_xxx()
- Lots of bug fixes

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