How can I fix KCMultiDialog so it stops resizing?

Matthias Kretz kretz at
Sun Sep 30 00:26:09 BST 2007

On Sunday 30 September 2007, Adam Treat wrote:
> Konqueror's configuration dialog is not behaving well.  It is a
> KCMultiDialog with several modules loaded.  When the dialog is initially
> shown, the tree widget on the left is not shown, but then pops up a second
> later.  This is visually jarring.

Hmm, you're sure this is a problem with KCMultiDialog? Trying "kcmshell fonts 
style" I don't see this behaviour.

AFAIK this is a problem of only KSettings::Dialog. And I sure tried to fix it 
but did not succeed. The issue is lazy initialization: the structure on the 
left is only created in KSettings::Dialog::showEvent (as this is a 
non-spontaneous show it should be called before it is shown). In there it 
first calls setUpdatesEnabled(false), then the pages are filled in and then 
updates are reenabled. Still it does not what I expected.

If the pages are not lazy initialized then the creation of the 
KSettings::Dialog object becomes more expensive, but perhaps that's what we 
need to do?

> Also, the dialog is initially very small, but when you click on various
> submodules the dialog grows.  This is also not terribly desired behavior.

IMHO that issue needs to be fixed by guidelines for the KCMs.

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