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Pino Toscano toscano.pino at tiscali.it
Fri Sep 21 11:39:43 BST 2007

Alle venerdì 21 settembre 2007, Rafael Fernández López ha scritto:
> Apart from the problem that this implies. Let's suppose KOffice, Dolphin
> and Krita use KDChart. So they both 3 have a copy of KDChart on their
> folders (code duplicating).

Wrong, Krita is in KOffice as well - so 2 copies.

A valid reason for the impossibily for the current KDChart to be in kdelibs 
was already said: KDChart is GPL, while it should be LGPL for being part of 
our core libraries.
So, unless KDAB (?) relicense to to LGPL, I think you'd have to stick with 
either copying it, using another existing chart library, or write your own.

Pino Toscano
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