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Fri Sep 21 04:18:49 BST 2007

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> On Tuesday 18 September 2007 15:34, Nhuh Put wrote:
> > I don't think requiring a newer version of cmake for Windows would be a
> > problem but there are 2 other problems I would like solve:
> > 1. MSVC creates external debug databases (.pdb files). Cmake currently
> > ignores them, but it has some advantages to install them.
> Do we need this for 4.0 or can this be added for 4.1 ?

We can probably use a temporary solution for 4.0. IMHO this should be done
by cmake directly, but I don't enough about the code to add this
functionality to it.

> > 2. kde4_add_kdeinit_executable
> > Using kdeinit to start executables doesn't gain anything on Windows, so
> I
> > would like to try to avoid using it. kde4_add_kdeinit_executable adds
> the
> Except that it doesn't gain anything, does it bring any problems ?

It makes things more complicated then necessary. Especially as GCC and MSVC
have a different ABI, there could go many more things wrong if a wrapper
executable is used. I'm also unsure how this could be change in 4.1 without
breaking backward compatibility.

> > targets transparently, but you still have to use manual commands to link
> > libraries and install the application. It's not easily possible to
> switch
> > between using kdeinit and not using kdeinit.
> >
> > If nobody has a better idea, I will add some macros for it.
> Please don't go ahead and "add some macros for it".
> Please post a proposal so we can come up with a good design.

If you have an idea how to do it properly, I would be glad, because I

> It's already quite late now for 4.0, so if it's something big we might
> postpone it to 4.1.
> Alex


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