File dialog: preview widget

Peter Penz peter.penz at
Fri Sep 7 22:13:25 BST 2007


David Faure suggested to move the "file dialog: preview widget" thread [1] 
from kfm-devel to kde-core-devel for getting more feedback. Here is the 
summary of the initial question:

Peter Penz wrote:
> During the port of the file-dialog to KDE 4 and reading
> some discussions about the "cluttered file dialog" ([2], [3])
> I was wondering about the preview widget:
> I personally never used the option to turn off the automatic
> preview by  unchecking the "Automatic preview" checkbox
> and hence I also never needed the "Preview" button. If I don't
> want to have a preview, I just turn off the  
> preview widget completely...
> It is not my intention to remove any functionality that is needed,
> but in this  case I could not think of a usecase where
> using the checkbox/button has any  
> benefit against just turning off the preview.
> Is there something I'm missing here? If not, I'd like to
> remove the checkbox  and the preview button, as it adds
> quite a lot visual clutter." 

The current 3 replies indicate that removing the checkbox and the button in 
the preview might be OK. Aaron explains further:

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> however, i think you're right that it's just as useful to show/hide the 
> preview pane itself and that having less UI in that dialog would be nice. 
> that's just mho though...
> btw, i think the real issue here is that it's not overly obvious how to 
> show/hide the preview pane, as it is "hidden" in the options menu in the 
> toolbar.

Any further input or objections?



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