Sane pseudo random colors; was: PieChart widget

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at
Thu Sep 20 17:15:16 BST 2007

[ Jaroslaw Staniek, Do., 20. Sep. 2007 ]
> BTW, regerding your screnshot, I am bit tired having all these colors
> Qt::red, Qt::green, Qt::blue colors reminding me the MS DOS' CGA era.

Every use of hard-coded colours is a bug:
* They might clash with the user-chosen 
* They can create serious accessibility problems for partially-sighted users 
(colour blindness; people who need to use dark colour schemes because of 
light allergy)

> How about defining the sequence of colors(in kdelibs?), probably based on
> KDE 4's official palette. Such a sequence then can be used by default in KDE
> apps in charts? 

Applications should use the KColorScheme to get reasonable foreground and 
background colours. They can also mix those colours with KColorUtils if they 
need more.


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