Temporary KColorScheme change - hard-code some state colors

pinheiro nuno at oxygen-icons.org
Mon Sep 17 12:04:45 BST 2007

A Monday 17 September 2007 09:09:38, Jakob Petsovits escreveu:
> On Sunday, 16. September 2007, pinheiro wrote:
> > A Sunday 16 September 2007 14:22:47, Jakob Petsovits escreveu:
> > > Just out of interest, could you post the same mockup without background
> > > changes (but all the other effects being kept)?
> > >
> > > The mockup above contains subtle changes:
> > > #D5D5D7 vs. #DBDBDD, and
> > > #C5C5C7 vs. #CBCBCD.
> > >
> > > It would be interesting to see if it looks similarly inactive if both
> > > versions have the *B*B*D background colors.
> >
> > i think it not that bad but it kind loses some thing recognicion is now
> > only in the title bar. and the shadow
> > http://www.nuno-icons.com/images/estilo/image4618nocoloring.png
> I find them both equally great!
> (And the new line at the bottom of the title bar also does a good job.)
> Sorry to say that I'm now on the no-background-changes side as well :P

i think we should keep this feature turned off by defoult for the moment until 
we get it in to ship shape condition, (the flikering and the delay are real 
issues that we must deal with until we can realy use it) AFIK its rely not 
big on cpu so ithink we should try it as an option as i think many of the 
issues will be solved in the near future.. 
for the moment the windek will be worked so it goes like that last mock, that 
needed to be done any way.... think its good compromise and one that will 
please everybody right people?  

Nuno pinheiro
core oxygen icon designer

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