Temporary KColorScheme change - hard-code some state colors

Kevin Ottens ervin at kde.org
Sat Sep 15 16:27:01 BST 2007

Le samedi 15 septembre 2007, Jos Poortvliet a écrit :
> Lets add to that how controversial the feature proved to be earlier...
>  Yet I applaud matthew for trying new things. If this is easy to turn
> of, it's not a big thing to test it until release.

Except that if it gets disabled just before the release it is code that will 
start to bitrot immediately.

> This is the only 
> way we can really innovate - try. And don't be to hard on those who
> do.

Trying is fine, pushing to trunk is different. For experiments we have 
branches and we definitely don't use them enough in our development 
pattern... I admit subversion doesn't make it easy to work with branches 
though which is a shame.

With sane branch support this stuff could have been developed and finished 
properly in a branch first (that is sane defaults and/or support for 
configuration). And, only when done, it could have been merged to trunk if 
there was no objection. This way we could have avoided pissing off a good 
part of our developer base.

> How about this:
>>> punish mediocre successes, reward brilliant failures.

What about this one:
"science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul"
(François Rabelais)

So yeah, experiment but do it responsibly.

Kévin 'ervin' Ottens, http://ervin.ipsquad.net
"Ni le maître sans disciple, Ni le disciple sans maître,
Ne font reculer l'ignorance."
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