AW: [Kde-print-devel] Status of KDEprint in 4.0, and offer of help

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Thu Sep 6 10:22:45 BST 2007

Nhuh Put schrieb:
>> Von: Boudewijn Rempt
>> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 5. September 2007 17:14
>> An: kde-core-devel at
>> Cc: kde-print-devel at
>> Betreff: RE: [Kde-print-devel] Status of KDEprint in 4.0, and offer of
>> help
>> On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, Goffioul Michael wrote:
>>> 1) make KPrinter inherit QPrinter (I didn't do it at the time I
>>> designed KDEPrint, due to QPrinter limitations; I guess these
>>> limitations have disappeared now)
>> I looked at it some time ago, but I had to conclude that Qt4 hadn't solved
>> that problem. Some time after I got too busy with other things (and too
>> ill,
>> too), to continue my investigations.
>> Boudewijn
> If it is in any way possible to use a QPrinter base approach, it would make
> the life for the kde windows developers much easier.
> Maybe I missed something and but I don't think we will otherwise have
> printing support in kde windows in the foreseeable future.
One missing point:

KPrintDialogPage does not now anything about windows printer, so people 
may think that using QPrintDialog would help.
This helps to be able to select windows printers and all the other stuff 
like page selecting, page format and so on, but does not support 
application specific printer dialog extending (like umbrello does for 
diagram selecting) because QPrintDialog on win32 uses the native 
Printing Dialog  (PRINTDLG Api function).


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