AW: API change request

David Faure faure at
Tue Sep 4 10:14:10 BST 2007

On Tuesday 04 September 2007, Alex Merry wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 Sep 2007, Nhuh Put wrote:
> > KScanDialogFactory can disappear completly, all the necessary stuff
> > is already in KPluginFactory. I would port libkscan and remove the
> > factory class nex Monday.
> Patch attached.
> Is there any problem with changing the requested translation catalogue 
> from libkscan to just kscan?  Is there anything else I should do if I 
> do change it?

Yes, adding a line in l10n-kde4/scripts/process_orphans.txt about the renaming
and telling someone with a full l10n-kde4 checkout (e.g. me :) to run the script.

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