KWidgetJobTracker changes [bugfix] (was: kcmshell4 kthememanager baddies)

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Wed Nov 28 18:09:40 GMT 2007

> Yep, looks fine. Just one thing:
> see, the one advantage of having renamed the variable to "q" as I suggested
> on irc is that now I see
>   q->d->
> in the destructor and that looks obviously unnecessary :-)

Not so obvious... I mean...

q->d-> is in class KWidgetJobTracker::Private::ProgressWidget

Where q is of type KWidgetJobTracker* and d is of type 

On the constructor of KWidgetJobTracker::Private::ProgressWidget a 
KWidgetJobTracker* is passed and assigned to q, for that reason it is needed 
a q->d if we do not want to add another parameter for a type 

Rafael Fernández López

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