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Hiếu Hoàng hieu.d.hoang at
Wed Nov 28 08:47:41 GMT 2007

On Nov 28, 2007 3:33 AM, Jakob Petsovits <jpetso at> wrote:
> Supercool, thanks a lot! That, combined with my own checkout of kdelibs,
> kdebase and kdevelop[-platform] should make for a nice starting ground
> already.

 I forgot to ask, can you tell us how to replace those ocurrence, so
that you don't have to check them out. Attached is extragear, and here
is playground/utils::

  ./okteta/program/oktetaui.rc:24:  <Menu name="edit">
  ./okteta/parts/kpart/oktetapartui.rc:4:  <Menu name="edit">

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