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Hiếu Hoàng hieu.d.hoang at
Wed Nov 28 08:15:56 GMT 2007

On Nov 28, 2007 7:09 AM, Michael Pyne <michael.pyne at> wrote:
> That is a cool trick.  I looked at the man page and there's a way to refine
> it:
> $ find . -wholename '*/.svn' -prune -o -exec grep "\"edit\"" -l {} \;
> The -prune command drops the directory entirely from the search.  find won't
> waste time recursively descending into .svn directories just to ignore every
> file in there.

 That's really fast. I added -n to get line no from grep too. Attached
are kdeaccessibility, kdeadmin, kdebinding, kdeedu, kdesdk, kdetoys,
kdeutils, kdewebdev. I'm gonna do extragears now.

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