Proposal of a crossdesktop interface to query several properties about the state-of-the-desktop

Kevin Ottens ervin at
Wed Nov 28 07:34:49 GMT 2007

Le mardi 27 novembre 2007, Rafael Fernández López a écrit :
> Well, our idea is only locally. The idea as explained is that you ask the
> freedesktop interface, and you have a daemon running (it doesn't matter if
> on the gnome or kde desktop), you get a response depending on the current
> state of the system and you take decisions based on that.

Well, guys, really dig into the xdg archive... I have this strange feeling 
that you're reinventing the wheel here.

For instance, you mentionned Solid::PowerManagement, guess what it's using 
internally? It's hiding a D-Bus interface for the KDE developers, and this 
interface is modelled after a non finalized spec of the (I 
hope it'll get final soon BTW... I should probably poke again there).

And that's one example but there's similar stuff for the other use cases you 

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