Proposal of a crossdesktop interface to query several properties about the state-of-the-desktop

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Tue Nov 27 21:23:34 GMT 2007

On út 27. listopadu 2007, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Em Tuesday 27 November 2007 00:17:42 Lubos Lunak escreveu:
> >  As the name suggests, XSettings is for settings - stuff, that's
> > otherwise written e.g. in config files (and for that you probably want to
> > use X rather than D-BUS). Most of the KGlobalSettings stuff fits there
> > quite well - mouse settings, colors, fonts, etc. I remember somebody
> > posting XSettings support patches for Qt somewhen in the past.
> >
> >  But I'm not sure if the functions proposed in the mail should go to
> > XSettings - functions like away(), fullScreenBusy() or
> > shouldConserveResources() are not settings but rather temporary state.
> I would say that a kded module that queries XSettings on X11 and returns
> the configuration/state via D-Bus to KDE applications is more interesting.

 I don't see any reason for such added layer.

> On other platforms, those settings wouldn't be stored in XSettings, so the
> module would have to convert from the format used there.
> But, come to think of it, D-Bus is completely unnecessary there. Just make
> KGlobalSettings or KDesktopSettings have _mac.cpp and _win.cpp files. It
> avoids the extra roundtrip.
> >  WRT D-BUS interfaces, does somebody know how well it works over the
> > network, if at all?
> Nitpick: D-Bus.

 Bah, and I took so much care to insert the hyphen there :).

> It works just fine over the network. It's unencrypted, unauthenticated and
> there's no default bus over the network. You have to create your own code
> using libdbus-1 directly to open a DBusServer on a TCP socket and connect
> to it, or modify your dbus-daemon configuration to listen on a TCP port.

 Then XSettings should be preferred. Applications should not use different 
desktop settings just because they run on a different host.

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