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While you guys fight on useless bikeshedding and claiming dubious "scientific" 
(ahahah) arguments, I'll take care of Will's mail which is actually 

Le dimanche 25 novembre 2007, Will Stephenson a écrit :
> While I think it's neat to show places there, I miss the high level access
> to system config

Actually that's something we can do easily I think (likely to be a few lines 
patch). Willing to work on it or I put that on my TODO?

> (another thread in a galaxy far far away suggests putting 
> YaST modules in systemsettings, but that's beside the point,

Nothing I can do about this, but I'd love it indeed. :-)

> and I 
> particularly miss being able to see there what the free space in /home was.

Well, in my opinion it's not an issue, I don't think that's really the main 
purpose of this tab. I see it more as a convenient access to the places which 
matter to the user (also that assumes /home is a separate partition and it's 
not the case in every setup). And last, Dolphin displays this which is 
probably a better place since you've it at hand when you're doing 

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