Showstoppers, was: Re: Fwd: Re: Release Mode

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Mon Nov 26 21:19:50 GMT 2007

Sebastian Kuegler wrote:
> From a glance on
> some items have showstoppers open:
> - Color configuration

...needs the 'default' and 'current' pseudo-themes, otherwise looks OK 
from my view. I don't have coding time ATM :-(, any volunteers to help?

> non-composited contrast between active and inactive windows (mwoehlke)

When did I become the windeco maintainer? :-P

Anyway, I think is most 
relevant here. AFAICT, there is an outstanding question how to proceed.

> - Oxygen Style, QToolBox not drawing, color audit (mwoehlke, boemann)

Again, not sure what's happening with QToolBox since no one seems to 
have time to work on it. If someone could submit a patch so that it 
*draws*, however badly, I could probably review it.

The audit could be a JJ/krush thing (I'll review any patches), it's a 
matter of finding where we are using e.g. window text against button 
background. Best way is to figure out all combinations of light-on-dark 
and dark-on-light (there are 16; window, view, selection, button) and 
make simple palettes with such colors, then check out uidemo from the 
oxygen playground and see what is illegible.

"Let's call it an accidental feature." -- Larry Wall

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