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Sebastian Kuegler sebas at
Mon Nov 26 20:45:22 GMT 2007

On Monday 26 November 2007 21:37:15 Andreas Hartmetz wrote:
> > - My Computer actually has usability testing behind it.
> It is customary in scientific circles to present the precise setup, the
> method of measurement and the raw results of an experiment if it is
> supposed to prove something. Otherwise this amounts to little more than "We
> know the truth and you don't. You lose.". There might be something in the
> raw data that helps to make this discussion a bit more useful.

So the logic here is

" we don't have any data proving Places so we'll replace My Computer because 
you don't have any data but pretend to do so. "

Just FYI, this data has been presented during aKademy 2006, and I wouldn't 
know why to lie about the results.

This is bordering ridiculous (on the opposite side of the river).

And don't forget, this is not a scientific circle, this is a meritocratic 
project _in_string_freeze_.
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