My Computer

Andreas Hartmetz ahartmetz at
Mon Nov 26 20:37:15 GMT 2007

Am Montag 26 November 2007 21:20:27 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:
> On Sunday 25 November 2007, Allen Winter wrote:
> > Can we please change that string?
> no. for 2 reasons:
> - My Computer actually has usability testing behind it.
It is customary in scientific circles to present the precise setup, the method 
of measurement and the raw results of an experiment if it is supposed to 
prove something. Otherwise this amounts to little more than "We know the 
truth and you don't. You lose.". There might be something in the raw data 
that helps to make this discussion a bit more useful.

> - i hesitate to reward bikeshedding with action. we can have reasoned
> discussion with proper information and data on the right mailing lists, or
> we can have free-for-alls. i'm highly against the latter, and very much for
> the former.
> (there are regressions in that tab due to the recent usage of the places
> model. i will have them addressed.)

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