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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Mon Nov 26 19:35:33 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 21 November 2007, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> year ago. Is it really that strange the commit for the workaround had "I
> hate the idiotic useless qt-bugs@ blackhole." as the message?

it's understandable. i'm just trying to make it so that we don't feel the need 
to say such things at some point in the future because they won't be 
necessary to say. sadly, there are apparently very, very few people in the 
kde community who feel motivated to try and make that happen. probably 
through years of disconnect between TT and KDE people, such as yourself, have 
decided it's unfixable.

thankfully, it's not. it just takes being in the right places. please support 
those of us who are doing that. it's not easy at the best of times, i really 
don't need to be dragging the community kicking and screaming at the same 

see, i get the problems. i've lived them, just as you have. i don't like them, 
in fact i despise them. i consider them bugs in the process that need to be 
fixed. problem is that for years the TT<->KDE relationship had no real 
maintainer; it was just a loosely contributed to and not really tended 

viewed in those terms, the solution is: have some maintainers, fix the bugs 
and support that process.

> consider Qt bugs reporting as a fire-and-forget thing. It's TT's turn now.

on the topic of the bug tracker, which i agree is related and part of the 
issue: yes, it could certainly be better. i wish it was too. and yes, TT also 
has a lot of work to do when it comes to making things work better. my point, 
so that it doesn't get lost in all this, is that it requires a bit of effort 
from both sides and right now we are managing to shoot ourselves in the foot 
quite frequently with the current negative attitude.

you seem to be saying, "but that negativity is deserved!" i'm not going to 
argue that at all; i do notice, however, that deserved or not, that attitude 
hurts us in very real ways. 

so we're looking for ways to fix the causes of the negative feelings. 
admitedly it's an incremental, slow and not always a forward momentum 
process. but during that process, let's try and engage with the fixes as they 
appear (e.g. having Simon and Benjamin here on this list) and temper our 
frustrations with realism, which includes the improvements that *are* 

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