My Computer

Dmitry Suzdalev dimsuz at
Mon Nov 26 12:01:07 GMT 2007

On Monday 26 November 2007 14:41:54 Hans Meine wrote:
> "Locations" would at least correspond with other uses of the term
> "Location" in KDE.  AFAICS this term would include resources of this
> computer, WWW bookmarks, LAN resources, and settings (which is not captured
> by "[my/this] computer").
+1 for Locations

> Still, this is obviously a topic for a usability list.
+1 here to.
I just can't understand why such a questions are discussed among *developers* 
when this is obviously a topic for a usability team. Why we have one if we try 
to do its work? :)

This is why such a threads tend to be lengthy and usually have no results 
(although they do have a lot of options) apart some "My computer. AGAIN. Let's 
make a final decision" :)

I'd just let usability people decide.
And devs - to code


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