Moving Svgpart to kdegraphics

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at
Sun Nov 25 22:29:56 GMT 2007

> Personal preferences aside, using WebKit's SVG functionality for some
> image
> viewer part does not in the least imply what happens to the browser.
> And with which authority should Thomas (a knowledgeable bystander)
> "inform"
> Maksim (KHTML key contributor) that KHTML is being replaced?

That's really the point of my objection --- on multiple instances, people
not involved in KHTML have made statements about its future, many far more
direct and definitive than the one that Thomas made. Heck, there was an
article published --- and widely disseminated, including being linked to
from the dot --- without being verified with any active KHTML contributor
--- that made inaccurate statements about the situation. It's because of
this previous pattern of events that I have severe distaste and distrust
of the statements of the sort, especially since in other conversations
Thomas made it clear that he has no qualms about bypassing a project's
maintainers to replace it with a fork. And I've had both had private
communications with key contributors who said they were discouraged by
such behavior on part of people involved in the project, and those with
people confused by the situation and hence uninterested in contributing.
In light of this, statements that openly discourage improvement of KDE are
even more disheartening.

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