kde vs. locales

Chusslove Illich caslav.ilic at gmx.net
Sun Nov 25 16:02:26 GMT 2007

> [: Oswald Buddenhagen :]
> no. setting LANG is up to the login manager, as gdm already does. kdm will
> do this, too - once it supports language setting at all. consider .dmrc
> non-existant.

Alternatively, LC_ALL could be set instead of LANG, but that's just another
way to override login manager's setup -- I have no immediate opinion as to
which one is better.

> [...] but note that the various other LC_* need to be set up according to
> kde settings as well if the user does not subscribe to one locale
> wholesale.

To me this looks plain impossible. Each LC_* is a collection of various
settings (e.g. try locale -c LC_NUMERIC -k), and can only by accident
correspond to KDE settings.

>> [: Chusslove Illich :]
>> /The "right-now" scenario/
> [: Oswald Buddenhagen :]
> i don't see this being a lot simpler than the "perfect" scenario. the main
> difficulty seems to be matching up system locales - and you have that
> either way.

If various LC_* are disregarded for the reason above, then this scenario
still seems a lot simpler to me.

> anyway, assuming you subscribe to this task, i'd suggest you just start
> implementing "perfect" and see what problems pop up.

I haven't the knowledge, and even if I would, I wouldn't have the time to
subscribe to this scenario.

I can't even commit to the other scenario right now, would have to
investigate too much. Thought more like, Albert adds the GUI/config, you
handle the startup stuff, I fix i18n internals. Granted, that means I do
almost nothing :)

Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић)
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