kde vs. locales

Oswald Buddenhagen ossi at kde.org
Sun Nov 25 08:15:01 GMT 2007

On Sun, Nov 25, 2007 at 05:07:21AM +0100, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> >about the above problem, do you think we should simply ignore it and
> >drop support for "hot switching"? gnome seems to do without, anyway.
ok, seems like nobody cares for this problem. :)

> >and the fine granularity (e.g., number formats, etc.). drop too?
> My suggestion is to make KDE use the LC_* environment variables as 
> defaults and make kcontrol write ~/.i18n with the settings there too.
good. chusslove, that's your call. break stuff now! :) well, actually,
maybe not break, but we must make sure the api doesn't expose anything
that would have to change later.

an idea for the kcm: it needs up-to-date settings, so just reading
current env variables won't work. as the .i18n code needs to contain
some if's for overrides, direct parsing would be a bit non-trivial. so
the kcm should execute .i18n and some commands to print the variables in
some expected format in a subshell and parse that output.
or the settings could be still kept in some rc file, but duplicated
settings will lead to confusion ("i changed .i18n, so why is this @ยง$%!
kcm showing something else?!").

> But, if the user modifies the locale's formats, then ignore the locale
> and apply the user settings. This will make KDE differ from everyone
> else -- but we can argue that it's the other applications that are not
> following the user's choice.

> We can and should make the fine-grained setting public somewhere in
> the user's configuration to other, non-KDE applications.
yup, just before reading this mail i though we could simply export it as
variables as well: KLC_NUMERIC, etc.

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