kde3/kde4 co-installability again

Sune Vuorela nospam at vuorela.dk
Fri Nov 23 20:46:40 GMT 2007

On 2007-11-23, Allen Winter <winter at kde.org> wrote:
>> And I agree too.  Should any of the following have the '4' removed from their name?
>> kbuildsycoca4

Does this generate backwards compatible databases? will it do so in the
future ?

>> kcmshell4

Is this able to read both kde3 and kde4 kcm stuff=

>> kcookiejar4
>> kded4

Is this able to handle kde3 kded modules?

>> kdeinit4

Is this able of launching and communicating with kde3 stuff?

>> kdostartupconfig4
>> kfile4
>> khotnewstuff4
>> knotify4

Is this one?

>> kshell4
>> kstartupconfig4
>> kwrapper4
>> meinproc4
> Forgot these too:
> kde4automoc
> kde4-config

isn't kde?-config the app that shows install paths, libdirs and such ?

> kde4-menu
> kdeinit4_shutdown
> kdeinit4_wrapper
> kwin4proc

I don't think any of these mentioned here should have their "4" removed.

ANd I would also prefer kdesu where it is now.


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