kde3/kde4 co-installability again

Sune Vuorela nospam at vuorela.dk
Fri Nov 23 20:43:43 GMT 2007

On 2007-11-23, Oswald Buddenhagen <ossi at kde.org> wrote:
> [cross-post to kde-packager. please reply to kde-core-devel.]
> moin,
> as a result of the kdesu discussion, i stumbled over a tiny detail: we
> still have some conflicts
> in runtime:
> - kdesu (of course ...)

Is this including kdesud in all regards backwards compatible ?

> - kinfocenter

This should really be moved away from runtime. I still don't understand
what it is doing in runtime in the first place.  A overview over your
hardware can hardly not be required for running kde apps.

> in kdelibs:
> - checkXML
> - preparetips

Isn't this -dev stuff and can by distros moved away into the same place
as the .so symlinks and the headers.

> - packaged installs can use a distro's alternatives system to use the
>   newer version.

alternatives systems can only be used if it is both ways compatible.

> on a more or less related note, i'm wondering why kdialog is in apps? it
> sure can be considered a runtime requirement for 3rd party scripts?

is kdialog used by applications in general for this?


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