KMainWindow::readProperties API change probably broke kwrite, dolphin, konqueror, klipper, lskat, kompare

David Faure faure at
Fri Nov 23 15:31:58 GMT 2007

Some time ago KMainWindow::readProperties(KConfig*) became KMainWindow::readProperties(const KConfigGroup&)
(and same for saveProperties). This virtual method is reimplemented by kmainwindow subclasses for session management.

A number of apps were ported, but I grepped today and found a number of unported apps:

kdebase/apps/kwrite/kwritemain.cpp:434:void KWrite::readProperties(KSharedConfigPtr config)
kdebase/apps/kwrite/kwritemain.h:103:    void readProperties(KSharedConfigPtr);
I started to port this one, but it showed that kwrite is misusing the readProperties reimplementation...
It saves global stuff in there while it's supposed to be per-window. The fact that it takes a KConfigGroup
argument makes it clearer now that it's supposed to save only into that group, the window-specific values,
and not application-global settings. See the attached unfinished patch, can a kwrite developer finish
it? I added a few suggestions inside the patch, but I might break too much if just moving that code myself.

kdebase/apps/dolphin/src/dolphinmainwindow.cpp:457:void DolphinMainWindow::readProperties(KConfig* config)
kdebase/apps/dolphin/src/dolphinmainwindow.h:177:    void readProperties(KConfig*);
Peter? The hardcoded group names "Primary view" and "Secondary view" break with multiple windows; this
has to be saved into a single KConfigGroup, or to use subgroups.

kdebase/apps/konqueror/src/konqmainwindow.cpp:5023:void KonqMainWindow::readProperties( KConfig& config )
kdebase/apps/konqueror/src/konqmainwindow.h:156:  virtual void readProperties( KConfig& config );
I'll fix it, it's the one that made me grep for all others :)

kdebase/workspace/klipper/klipper.cpp:164:    readProperties(;
kdebase/workspace/klipper/klipper.cpp:387:void Klipper::readProperties(KConfig *kc)
kdebase/workspace/klipper/klipper.h:86:    void readProperties(KConfig *);

kdegames/lskat/src/mainwindow.h:153:     * @see KMainWindow#readProperties
kdegames/lskat/src/mainwindow.h:155:    virtual void readProperties();
kdegames/lskat/src/mainwindow.cpp:133:  readProperties();
kdegames/lskat/src/mainwindow.cpp:266:void Mainwindow::readProperties()
Maybe a false positive since it's called explicitely? the @see makes me wonder though.

kdesdk/kompare/interfaces/kompareinterface.h:90:        virtual int readProperties( KConfig* config ) = 0;
kdesdk/kompare/komparepart/kompare_part.cpp:76: readProperties( KGlobal::config() );
kdesdk/kompare/komparepart/kompare_part.cpp:727:int KomparePart::readProperties( KConfig *config )
kdesdk/kompare/komparepart/kompare_part.h:78:   virtual int readProperties( KConfig *config );
kdesdk/kompare/kompare_shell.cpp:331:void KompareShell::readProperties(KConfig* config)
kdesdk/kompare/kompare_shell.cpp:345:           m_viewPart->readProperties( config );
kdesdk/kompare/kompare_shell.cpp:354:           m_viewPart->readProperties( config );
kdesdk/kompare/kompare_shell.cpp:362:           m_viewPart->readProperties( config );

koffice/kexi/main/KexiMainWindow.h:174://               virtual void readProperties(KConfig *config);
koffice/kexi/main/KexiMainWindow.cpp:2505:KexiMainWindow::readProperties(KConfig *config) {
extragear/multimedia/kplayer/kplayer/kplayer.h:170:  //virtual void readProperties (KConfig*);
extragear/multimedia/kplayer/kplayer/kplayer.cpp:1036:void KPlayerWindow::readProperties (KConfig* config)

In the last two (kexi and kplayer) it's obviously commented out so no problem for now, but careful when uncommenting.

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