Smooth previews for open/save dialogs

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Fri Nov 23 10:48:48 GMT 2007


> ok, *this* i like very much. for me, it addresses both the "to grey

> flicker" 

> and the speed issues the previous version had. i think this would be very

> cool for 4.0 ...

Hehe, well I still need to polish some minor stuff, but it is almost

finished... (John noticed a small bug I was aware of :P)

> and yes, previews right in the icon view would be great and should be

> added at 

> some point (note, however, that this can really slow down the dialog 

> undesirably, so personally i'd still like us to keep the preview pane.)

Well, the preview pane is on the menu, and I really think it should stay

there forever, without taking in count if we add a view for previews.

>From my POV the preview widget should be kept during all the release,

because it doesn't attempt to preview all files, as a view would do. Anyway

there are some options for the preview view:

- Create another view called "Preview" and add it to the menu whre we can

choose between "List" and "Details"

    - Good: we have a view for that purpose

    - Bad: we cannot preview in list or detailed views.

- Add another option above or below "Show preview" called "Show embedded

preview" [or somth like that], that will attempt to fetch the previews for

the current view (and possibly add another view: icons view).

    - Good: we have preview mode in 3 views: icon (if added), list and

detailed views. We also have two ways of previews, what can be interesting

in some situations or for some users.

    - Bad: ?

AFAIK there is a comment in moderation (I haven't seen it yet) from

yesterday night that nefertum wrote to here (kcd), because he is working on

this issue. From my POV the second solution is far better, and would give

us a very nice open/save dialog and very very customizable, what is always


@Release team & all in general: If I end this effect today (tomorrow as

maximum), could I commit this. I really think this is not harming any other

application, and it gives a very nice effect to our .0 release.


Rafael Fernández López.

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