libkfile still links agains qt3support

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at
Fri Nov 23 00:48:48 GMT 2007

On Thursday 22 November 2007, Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:
> I just noted that libkfile still links against qt3support. The only reason
> for this seem to be the KDE3 support classes K3FileTreeView(Item) and
> KFileTreeBranch. Those are not used by any of the KDE4 classes in libkfile.
> Shouldn't they be moved to kde3support, instead (I wouldn't know how to do
> this, though)?

Ok, I now have a patch to move those classes to kde3support and hence make 
kfile kde3support free. kdelibs compiles with no problems, but I have *not* 
bothered with the rest of KDE (takes ages to compile on this machine). An app 
using some KDE4 classes from kfile links and runs fine. Not posting the 
entire patch, as it's huge due to the moved files. svn status output at the 
end of this mail.

So now the question is do we want this? It adds add dependency on kfile in 
kde3support, so adds bloat there, but removes bloat in kfile. Of course it is 
BIC and SIC to those apps that use these classes, since it moves them between 
directories and libraries, so ideally this should no longer be done, now. On 
the other hand, for the same reason, if this is not done now, that probably 
means it cannot ever be done in KDE 4 lifetime, so kfile will always depend 
on kde3support.

So what to (not) do?



A  +   kde3support/kio/kfile/k3filetreeviewitem.cpp
A  +   kde3support/kio/kfile/k3filetreeview.cpp
A  +   kde3support/kio/kfile/kfiletreebranch.cpp
A  +   kde3support/kio/kfile/k3filetreeviewitem.h
A  +   kde3support/kio/kfile/k3filetreeview.h
A  +   kde3support/kio/kfile/kfiletreebranch.h
M      kde3support/CMakeLists.txt
D      kfile/k3filetreeviewitem.h
M      kfile/CMakeLists.txt
D      kfile/k3filetreeview.h
D      kfile/kfiletreebranch.h
D      kfile/k3filetreeviewitem.cpp
D      kfile/kfiletreebranch.cpp
D      kfile/k3filetreeview.cpp
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