Smooth previews for open/save dialogs

Robert Knight robertknight at
Thu Nov 22 17:17:54 GMT 2007


I committed a similar feature for Dolphin some time ago (with a
transition of about ~300ms IIRC) which was ultimately removed because
it made the application feel slower than it really was.

Try it with a really short delay, but I think this might suffer the
same problem.

I'd like to second comments on the dot and from Nuno that thumbnails
instead of type icons in the display area are a higher priority.


On 22/11/2007, Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at> wrote:
> On Thursday 22 November 2007, Rafael Fernández López wrote:
> > transitions are fast enough, apart from eyecandy it is not slow or
> > annoying.
> some thoughts:
> - the transitions are 500ms. they should probably be more like 200-300ms as
> the human eye is really quick with these sorts of things. 500ms is a long
> time.
> - LinearCurve is probably not what you want here. try an EaseInCurve,
> perhaps.
> it should help make it look more natural, and may even let you increase the
> time of the animation without annoying the eye as much; e.g. you might be
> able to get away with .3s animation with EaseInCurve that would feel 'wrong'
> with LinearCurve.
> - when going from one preview to another, it would be great to have the
> current thumbnail fade out with the new one fading in over top of it (again,
> keep it .2-.3s); this will make it feel smoother rather than flicking back
> to
> grey every time. as you're setting the opacity on the painter, this will be
> really easy to do (set the opacity on the old preview inversly to the new
> preview, probably at a great rate of decay so that by frame 75 or so it's
> completely gone? these sorts of fades are pretty much everywhere these days
> =)
> - the "stretching from one size to another" of dophin's previews are really
> cool; perhaps bring both of those features together (size transition as well
> as fade) ... is dolphin even using KFilePreview? (i'd check but i'm lazy
> today ;)
> > I am going to work more on this patch to do really fast transitions for
> > example when you have a transition on the 50% and you suddenly hover
> > another element, but everything eyecandy.
> =)
> > But, the main question is: a patch of this kind can be committed on the
> > current state of KDE release ?
> honestly, i think this is 4.1 material at this point, though very cool and
> something that should go in.
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