Smooth previews for open/save dialogs

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Thu Nov 22 17:10:50 GMT 2007

On Thursday 22 November 2007, Rafael Fernández López wrote:
> transitions are fast enough, apart from eyecandy it is not slow or
> annoying.

some thoughts: 

- the transitions are 500ms. they should probably be more like 200-300ms as 
the human eye is really quick with these sorts of things. 500ms is a long 

- LinearCurve is probably not what you want here. try an EaseInCurve, perhaps. 
it should help make it look more natural, and may even let you increase the 
time of the animation without annoying the eye as much; e.g. you might be 
able to get away with .3s animation with EaseInCurve that would feel 'wrong' 
with LinearCurve.

- when going from one preview to another, it would be great to have the 
current thumbnail fade out with the new one fading in over top of it (again, 
keep it .2-.3s); this will make it feel smoother rather than flicking back to 
grey every time. as you're setting the opacity on the painter, this will be 
really easy to do (set the opacity on the old preview inversly to the new 
preview, probably at a great rate of decay so that by frame 75 or so it's 
completely gone? these sorts of fades are pretty much everywhere these days 

- the "stretching from one size to another" of dophin's previews are really 
cool; perhaps bring both of those features together (size transition as well 
as fade) ... is dolphin even using KFilePreview? (i'd check but i'm lazy 
today ;)

> I am going to work more on this patch to do really fast transitions for
> example when you have a transition on the 50% and you suddenly hover
> another element, but everything eyecandy.


> But, the main question is: a patch of this kind can be committed on the
> current state of KDE release ?

honestly, i think this is 4.1 material at this point, though very cool and 
something that should go in.

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