Dropping KToolBarStatusLabelAction

Will Stephenson wstephenson at kde.org
Thu Nov 22 15:02:29 GMT 2007

I'd like to propose a late removal of KToolBarStatusLabelAction.  

*) Its original reason for existence was to put labels in toolbars.  In KDE3 a 
hack involving naming the label "kde toolbar widget" was necessary for the 
widget to be styled.  This resulted in lots of copy n'paste from 
   This reason no longer exists in KDE4 - it is only used by 
kfontinst/viewpart and kpovmodeller now.  Systemsettings was using it but 
noticed that 
*) The current implementation is broken, no label appears in the toolbar, and 
nobody complained yet.
KToolbarLabelAction * labelAction  = new KToolbarLabelAction( otherWidget, 
i18n("&Search:"), this );
(and its source code)
can be replaced with

QLabel * searchLabel = new QLabel( i18n("&Search:"), this );
searchLabel->setFont( KGlobalSettings::toolBarFont() );
label->setBuddy( otherWidget );
KAction * searchText = new KAction( this );
searchText->setDefaultWidget( searchLabel );

The only thing KToolbarLabelAction does better is that it can be inserted into 
multiple toolbars and shows a label in each. 

Is anyone aware of uses outside our SVN who depend on it?


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