KDatePicker improvements

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Thu Nov 22 10:59:57 GMT 2007

On Thursday, 22. November 2007, Hans Meine wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 22. November 2007 11:05:53 schrieb Jakob Petsovits:
> > Screenshots:
> > Current:
> > http://jakob.petsovits.at/files-jakob/image/kdatepicker-current.png
> > Modified: http://jakob.petsovits.at/files-jakob/image/kdatepicker-new.png
> You gave good reasons for your changes, but... the old one looks better
> IMHO. :-)  Did you try putting "<- November -> <- 2007 ->" into the first
> line?  It makes for a very nice caption, and before your changes, the UI
> was more subtle, better presenting the data IMO.

Well that would certainly be a possibility, but cuts the month and year in two 
halves, and looks kinda odd too... overall, we had some attempts on the 
usability list, and this one seemed the most sensible of those.

> Also, the calendar became quite narrow.
> (Did you notice that "Wed" looks cropped at the left?)

That's obviously a shortcoming of KDateTable's sizeHint(), which is a separate 
issue. Seems like I should fix that as well, but the patch is already large 
enough - I'd like to get this done without adding even more stuff right now.
I promise to deal with that issue, though.

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