kwin default window button order.

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at
Thu Nov 22 10:01:48 GMT 2007

Simon Edwards wrote:

> Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
>> it's a matter of categorization and positioning, with the aim to make
>> it easier for people to sort it out. there's also the Fitt's Law issue
>> with having maximize in the top left, though few seem to care about
>> that (granted, it mostly benefits people using maximized windows)
> Fitt's law doesn't apply in this (special) case. If you need the
> maximise button then the window is not maximised and chances are the
> maximise button is _not_ positioned in the top left corner of the
> screen. 

50% right and also 50% wrong.

The maximize button toggles maximization. Hence, I need it too to
de-maximize a window to its original size.

> Which means that the target area of the maximise button is just
> the button itself, and not the screen edges.
>> i know that there are people who are very used to all the buttons
>> being on the right and don't like it any other way. i'm just not sure
>> that's a good enough reason to submit everyone else to that as a default.
> Changing the buttons around like this is murder for those of us that
> work in mixed environments daily. (I've tried this a few years back).

So you just don't use it. I understand it is meant to be configurable...

> Any benefit of the new configuration is outweighed by disadvantage that
> it is so nonstandard.

I've not tried it but I'm open to the idea.

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