Using StyleSheets is bad WAS Re: Konqueror lineedit Bug

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Wed Nov 21 18:36:35 GMT 2007

Lubos Lunak wrote:
>  And don't try those "fix in the right place" or "push fix upstream" on me, I 
> know them and try to do them, and I've tried that with Qt as well. I used to 
> send several issues per month, usually with patches, and it was for a reason 
> I first started qt-copy patches and then eventually learnt to consider Qt 
> bugs reporting as a fire-and-forget thing. It's TT's turn now. You're saying 
> things will be great? Fine, looking forward to it, but I'll believe it when I 
> see Qt gets a real tracker that doesn't just let things disappear into the 
> void or, if I'm really lucky, get me treated like some lamer who's just 
> finished Qt tutorial yesterday.

Ok, time to throw in my $0.02... I've actually had a couple of positive 
experiences, but one thing that I would really like to see is a better 
bug tracker, where anyone can leave comments, patches can be viewed, and 
anonymous users can read comments, especially those from TT's side.

The current system does feel a bit like a black hole... not like 
/dev/null, but like information only goes one way. (Yes, in my case I've 
had much better experience, maybe evidence that things are looking up 
:-), but I can understand why people would feel otherwise.)

dfaure: And yes, at a minimum the current tracker interface is not so 
nice :-)

Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature.
(with apologies to Arthur C. Clarke)

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