kwin default window button order.

Germain Garand germain at
Wed Nov 21 14:11:01 GMT 2007


Le Jeudi 15 Novembre 2007 20:32, Thomas Zander a écrit :
> For everyone, please try changing your default to the suggestion aaron
> made; [1]
> And just run with it for a week or so (got to give it some time), after
> which you tell us if you like or dislike it.

I did exactly that when reading your message, and I disliked every five days 
of it.

Having to adjust long habits is of course a strain, but it was mostly OK: 
after four days I only headed to the wrong corner one time out of 2. 
It still interrupted my stream of thought though, and I suspect it would do 
that for a long time, which is ennoying.

Of course, people working in mixed environments (which is not my case) would 
have a much tougher time to adapt. In fact there are few chances they could 
adapt at all.

But the real problem is that then, instead of having all common window actions 
on one side of the screen, where conveniently you end up letting your 
pointing device linger, and being then able to make split seconds decisions 
for a dozen windows in a row, you have to make your pointer travel all the 
way from one side of the screen to the other over and over, depending on the 
contextual decision (do I want to close or minimize away this window?).

This is very significantly less usable than Lubos's spacer proposal, which I 
have switched to yesterday and found absolutely seemless.

With a half-a-button-wide spacer, there is no longer any perceived danger of 
unwanted destructive action, and the implicit grouping of minimize/maximize 
that it creates is immediately appealing for the mind.


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