"undo closed tab" feature for konqueror

Eduardo Robles Elvira edulix at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 20:13:55 GMT 2007

El Martes 20 Noviembre 2007, Thomas Braxton escribiĆ³:
> exactly:) to create a sub group just call group("subgroup name") from
> an existing group like so:
> KConfigGroup group1 = configFile.group("group1"); // creates [group1]
> KConfigGroup subgroup1 = group1.group("subgroup1"); // creates
> [group1/subgroup1]
> KConfigGroup subsubgroup1 = subgroup1.group("subsubgroup1"); //
> creates [group1/subgroup1/subsubgroup1]

Uhm interesting then! I will try to use this ;-)

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