inactive selection change

John Tapsell johnflux at
Tue Nov 20 09:55:50 GMT 2007

Can we please just not change the color, and instead drag a border or
something - wasn't that the way it was?

The reason is because i have a search box and a list view.  When you
press up and down in the search box, it moves the selection in the
list view.   This happens in any app that uses the kde search line.
It allows the user to easily move to the item that they want.

So in this sort of case, it's really not all that important whether
the list view is focused or not.

kmail does something similar (at least in kde3)  where different key
presses go to different widgets.


On 20/11/2007, Matthew Woehlke <mw_triad at> wrote:
> Ok, I guess I am convinced having inactive selection colors exactly
> equal to inactive window colors doesn't work so well.
> So, how can we do this right? The obvious solution is to make inactive
> selection a new color group... bleh, not my first choice.
> Instead, here's a patch to try out. This keeps the current behavior with
> one modest change: the Inactive:Selection:NormalBackground and
> AlternateBackground colors are tinted toward the Active:S:NBg color.
> This way inactive selections have the luma characteristics of Window
> colors, but the background is biased towards A:S:NBg, which is IMO
> really what is most expected. Selections still look like selections, but
> it is still easy to tell when the selection is inactive.
> Ok to commit? This is BC+SC as far as I can tell. (Hopefully it is even
> good enough that we can revert some of the 'always use active' hacks,
> e.g. in KFileDialog...)
> See also
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> Matthew
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