"undo closed tab" feature for konqueror

Eduardo Robles Elvira edulix at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 21:46:14 GMT 2007

I must say...

Hello to the list! First post =) I'm Eduardo Robles Elvira aka Edulix, and I 
thought that it would be a great idea to enter here in this discussion and 
hence in this list. I'm a student of Computer Science in Seville (Spain). 

Well, enought about me, now about the patch:

* When you closed a tab and you want to retrieve it... you will be able to do 
it! In many ways: Go -> Closed Tabs, Ctrl-Z (like in Opera), and in an 
(optional) toolbar button.

* You can clean the list of Closed Tabs if you want (Go > Closed Tabs > Clean 
Closed Tabs History or the same in the toolbar action)

* If any bug appears, I'll hunt it. I think the feature is quite stable

* It handles closed tabs, including each view you had in the closed tab [1].

* This patch also improves the handling of saveConfig and loadItem for 
konqueror views, so saveConfig also saves each view's history, and yes, also 
what you had typed in the closed view, but what you had typed is not being 
loaded by loadItem at the moment. [2]

That will be easy to fix, so don't worry. I will get it working very soon. And 
even if it doesn't get fixed (unlikely), this shouldn't deter you from 
accepting the patch because it's not really a big issue..

Of course in following kde4 version this feature will get even better (like.. 
close a window? undo that too), but it's already working very well and I 
think that users will love it for KDE 4 - and me too.

> just one question, wouldn't using a KConfigGroup subgroup instead of
> passing in a prefix and prefixing every entry be easier? or does it
> need to stay the way it is for compatibility?

Can you please give me an example of code and the resulting configuration 
file? Hoenstly I didn't know anything about subgrouping. Does this means it 
you create this way a hierarchy of groups, like.. [group1], 
[group1/subgroup1], [group1/subgroup1/subsubgroup1] ?

Thanks for your time,
            Eduardo Robles Elvira.
[1] This cannot be tested at the moment because konqueror has a bug which 
makes it crash when closeing a tab with splitted view. Note that this bug is 
in konqueror itself, not in my patch ;-)

[2] Note that this improvement in loadItem SaveConfig for konqueror views 
means that when you close your KDE session and then restore it, this feature 
will be reused and now you will restore the historyand what you had typed of 
each view of each tab of each konqueror window you had open. Awesome isn't 
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