"undo closed tab" feature for konqueror

Thomas Braxton kde.braxton at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 18:07:16 GMT 2007

On 11/18/07, David Faure <faure at kde.org> wrote:
> Can I request an exception to the feature and message freeze?
> Eduardo Robles Elvira has been working on the long-awaited "undo closed tab"
> feature for konqueror, and reworking it a number of times based on my feedback.
> Now it's finally ready, but we're past the freeze unfortunately.
> You can see the patch with
> svn co https://forja.rediris.es/svn/csl-konqueror/
> (I'll reindent, clean up debugs, and add missing const refs before committing, no need to comment on details :)
> The #define DEBUG_VIEWMGR 1 and the old comment in the KonqUndoManager constructor will be removed too.

just one question, wouldn't using a KConfigGroup subgroup instead of
passing in a prefix and prefixing every entry be easier? or does it
need to stay the way it is for compatibility?

> BTW Eduardo: one last fix before this can be committed:
> +  m_paClosedTabs = new KToolBarPopupAction( KIcon("closedtabs"),  i18n( "closedtabs" ), this );
> This string in the i18n call doesn't make sense, should be i18n("Closed tabs") rather.
> Saw that while reviewing the new strings: there are four in total.
> Ah, and i18n("no name") wasn't there before it seems. I still need to review
> KonqMainWindow::slotAddClosedUrl to find ways to simplify it so maybe this one won't stay.
> Anyway minor details. The point of this mail is mainly to ask for permission to commit the
> feature now, given that we started to work on it long ago already.
> --
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